Original interior murals are painted by hand using high quality canvas and materials, and for convenience purpose, they are painted in our studio to eliminate the need to be present on site during production. Each hand painted mural is truly one of a kind artwork, specifically designed and customized without any limitation to sizes, themes or colors.


Hand painted murals on canvas can be installed on any wall using the same process used in installing wallpaper; they can also be stretched on custom wood stretchers and hang similar to hanging gallery paintings. One of the advantages of having a hand painted mural on canvas is that they can be taken down by a qualified wallpaper hanger, and reinstall at a new location. Mural on canvas can also be shipped anywhere in the world and install on location anywhere in the U.S by our crew or any qualified wallpaper hanger.


Our mural prices are very competitive comparing to other prices listed in the market today. Give us a call or simply fill the form below to further discuss the possibilities of having a hand painted mural on canvas for your home or office.

Simple detail, color and design average from $5-$12 psf

Complex details, colors and design average from $12-25 psf

Painted directly on interior wall or ceiling are less... considering less materials cost.

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